About every.day

Beauty is the essence of life and always leads us towards connection.

At every.day we embrace authenticity, natural living, caring for ourselves, others and the planet in ways that are gentle, sustainable and nurturing.

We understand beauty is more than how we look, it’s how we feel and how we connect with life.

Everything we source is underpinned by a vision of a thriving planet, supporting your health and wellbeing and of course looking amazing in whatever way feels good for you.

As a sanctuary in the city we provide attentive service and guide you to multifunctional products designed to be used in multiple ways, so less becomes more. Only clean sustainable beauty choices adorn the walls so everything you chose should helps enhance the beauty of our world.

About Amy

With over twenty years experience in the film and fashion industries I bring a skilled touch to my clients and love tailoring beauty and makeup routines to your needs.

As a makeup artist and as a mother I’m ready to create change so that we we esteem ourselves and care for our planet in the simple act of our daily beauty routines. I’m passionate about offering products that helps us to to feel our best connect to our essence of beauty and to live lightly on the planet.

I hope every.day inspires you and I look forward to meeting you.


Our commitment to recycling

We are passionate about recycling and look for brands largely taking responsibility for their waste. 

Whatever you can't put in your NZ recycling, or can't refill in store, we will take it back and find a solution for it.