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Sphaera Hydration + Shine Shampoo Bar

Sphaera Hydration + Shine Shampoo Bar

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Formulated for all hair types, a gentle cleanser which smooths, hydrates and protects. suitable for regular washing 2-3 times a week and a gentle shampoo for the whole family.

Hydration + Shine Shampoo Bar is enriched with Apple Amino Acids, Abyssinian Oil and Green Tea Extract to gently cleanse and care for the scalp and impart hydration and shine to the hair. Apple Amino Acids - cleanses gently with a rich, mild lather that is respectful of the natural barriers and pH balance of the hair and scalp. Abyssinian Oil  imparts hydration and shine to smooth and protect the hair. A light, easily absorbed oil rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Green Tea Extract nourishes the scalp and provides antioxidants, assisting in protection from environmental stress on the hair strands.

Bar is equivalent to approximately three 250ml bottles of liquid shampoo.


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