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Aleph Cheek / Lip Tint

Aleph Cheek / Lip Tint

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Aleph is a high functioning, easy to use, easy to choose makeup that is people, planet, and animal friendly, made right here in Aotearoa.

Each Cheek/Lip tint has been created to mimic a natural skin function so that they
suit the widest range of skin tones. From high vibrancy to a light wash, Aleph
Cheek/Lip Tint is packed with concentrated colour to provide a range of intensities with minimal application. Nourishing ingredients come together for a luxurious effect and to hydrate and protect the skin.

Not sure which colour will suit you best? Please be in touch, we are always happy to make recommendations and colour match you.

Amy's notes: I can't go past a cream blush, I love the ease of use, the dewy and multidimensional look they give is youthful and nourishing, particularly for maturing skin. These pots of colour are a long lasting pop of joy and colour to each day.

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