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Aleph Lift / Lengthen Mascara

Aleph Lift / Lengthen Mascara

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Aleph is a high functioning, easy to use, easy to choose makeup that is people, planet, and animal friendly. This Aotearoa based brand is cruelty-free and vegan, free from conventional cosmetic toxins and its packaging is infinitely recyclable.

This award winning mascara is a consciously crafted formula designed to lift, nourish, and define the lashes on application and over time. Clean, natural, sustainable and 100% microplastic-free.

Lift/Lengthen Mascara has an effective system designed to resist water and oil, making it resistant to smudging, flaking and panda eyes, yet gentle on the lashes and easy to remove at the end of the day.

Amy's notes; This mascara does everything that it says it does and is unique in it's glass tube and recyclable mascara wand. It adds a touch of luxury to one's beauty routine and is a great finishing touch for the eyes.


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