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Aleph Radiance Balms

Aleph Radiance Balms

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Aleph is a high functioning, easy to use, easy to choose makeup that is people, planet, and animal friendly, made right here in Aotearoa.

Radiance Balms add dimension, highlight and pearlescence to the skin. Mix with Cheek/Lip Tint, Concealer/Foundation, Serum/Primer to add glow, vibrancy and bronzing - the ultimate in makeup alchemy.

Developed for longevity, Radiance Balm is designed to stay on your skin without becoming sticky.

Kind and sustainable, formulated with natural ingredients to help protect and nourish your skin.

Star - is a multipurpose orchid pink.

Moon - has a champagne glow.

Sun - Sun-kissed base with a golden reflect, brings warmth and dimension to the skin.

Not sure which balm to choose, please get in touch.

Amy's notes: I love the texture of these balms and they offer a gentle lasting glow. I prefer to use them on the cheek and skin rather than the eyes and lips, but for the right skin type they are perfect everywhere.

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