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Ere Perez Quartz Sculpt & Lift Face Stone

Ere Perez Quartz Sculpt & Lift Face Stone

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Detox + Invigorate + Contour

This face massage stone encourages radiant, healthy skin with anti-ageing and micro-circulation benefits. Crafted with authentic clear quartz, the luxurious tool adjusts to the natural contours of your face to sculpt and lift. By gently massaging over your skin,

it stimulates lymphatic drainage and kickstarts micro-circulation. Based
on the Chinese technique of Gua Sha, make this part of your beauty routine and receive anti-ageing benefits and a natural facial lift!

Amy's Notes; I have recently started incorporating the technique of Gua Sha into my beauty routine and I have to say, I like it. It's a great way to work face oil or serums into the skin, it's deeply relaxing and I am hoping to improve my skin tone. I'll keep you posted!

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