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FúFú Candle - Autumn Walk

FúFú Candle - Autumn Walk

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 With juniper and eucalyptus greens in our hands, we ramble through the silent woods, our bare feet rustling through cypress leaves. The misty air of the crisp autumn is filled with the earthy scent of ripe vetiver roots.

FúFú candles are one of a kind. Each item is hand-made, incorporating all-natural aromas derived from essentials, absolutes, and plant-based extracts that are sustainably sourced. The braided pure-cotton wick is made with a variety of quality raw materials.

Blend: Pure essential oils of Eucalyptus / Lemon / Juniper / Cypress / Vetiver
Scent Description: Soothing / Warmth / Earthy

Amy's notes: These delightful candles make the perfect gift for anyone, even those sensitive to smells and aromas as their quality natural ingredients are gentle on the nose, the environment. These candles are also a picture of beauty with their dried flower exterior.

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